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The art business isn’t only art. It’s the elevation of status.

If you’re a collector of emerging art, then you really care about one thing: certainty that it meets your standards. You are willing to learn more and don’t passively resign to the default, “I know what I like”. As with most affluent people, you’re pressed for time. That’s where I come in. You can trust that I take pride in educating clients because I have your best interests in mind.


Full disclosure: I am the founder of which means I’m obsessed with innovation and support careers of artists I believe in. That’s the beauty of it. Now, because I put the client first, you can be sure that I have the honesty and integrity to uphold my reputation.

I believe art allows meaning equal to the quality of the life you want. In other words, it’s a signifier of your intention to create a meaningful life. Your life will improve as your collection grows.

After all, I’m not in the art business. I’m in the transformation business.


So what are you bringing to the table? To be sure you’re the right fit,

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